Facebook Adverts

If I want to build an advert for use online or in print, then I reach for my graphics tools and get right to it, but I don't expect everyone to be as capable as that with unfamiliar tools.

So, when a customer sent me a message asking me if I had anything that could build an advert for facebook that was similar to something he had seen, I thought about it for a while and thenstarted to work on this project. The app runs on the desktop and uses a primarily drag-and-drop interface to make the creation and management of adverts as quick and simple as possible.

Templates (Styles) are created from building blocks that you can make yourself or ask for professional help with if you need it. Once created, they can be applied to any suitable advertising image and then text canvas be added into preset locations. There are a handful of graphical effects that can be applied to the image and you can even add extra graphical splashes and highlights to liven things up instantly.

This is a piece of free software and you can download it right now. I'm actively developing it still, adding extra features and functionality as well as bug-fixing.

The installer is unsigned at present, but there are no viruses.
(Only install software if you trust the source.)